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Forum Rules

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Welcome to the ukevents.net forum. The ukevents.net online forum was initially launched in December 2003.

We at ukevents.net are passionate about the Internet and all that it offers. Although we are a UK based company, we warmly welcome members from all corners of the globe.

You will need to register (click on register at the top of the board) to participate in this forum.

On joining the forum, members will be invited to join our newsletter subscriber list, in which you will receive offers, news and promotions which we feel will be of interest to you.

If you have a question, problem, suggestion or complaint, please post a message to the "Ask the moderator" Category or send a Private Message (PM) to member name Ukevents.

If you have a question, problem, suggestion or complaint, regarding the main site ukevents.net, please send a Private Message (PM) to member name ukevents.net .

If you would like to apply to be a moderator, please send a Private Message (PM) to member name UKEvents.

This forum is monitored and the following guidelines will ensure that it is a pleasant environment for all.

Please post messages relevant to the topic area.

Commercial advertising is NOT allowed on the boards unless stated overwise. If you have an advertising enquiry, please send a Private Message (PM) to member name UKevents.

This forum may contain material which is unsuitable for persons under the age of 13.

Please remember that this forum is accessible by people of all ages and races. Posting of pornographic or racially offensive material will not be tolerated.

This is a publicly accessible forum, please refrain from posting personal information such as home phone numbers and home addresses etc

Members who spam the board will have their messages removed and be banned from the forum.

Please note the views expressed in this forum are not necessarily the views of the site administrator or ukevents.net.

Members who disrupt the group will be permanently banned.

To find the site more easily, you can type http://forums.ukevents.net into your web browser.

Once you become a member please introduce yourself to the group

If you have a personal web site, please add a link to http://forums.ukevents.net

Please make it a good environment for all... enjoy. :D :) ;) :) :lol: :D
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